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February 19, 2010

Heya, true-believers!

… Dammit, Stan Lee, get out of my head!






Romance and…Mecha…?

February 12, 2010

On a random note, first post by your VP, Trilby with Salvador doing the typing for me. Now, onto more pressing matters

To prepare for the upcoming holiday of Valentine’s Day, we will be showing Eureka 7: Pocketful of Rainbows. It’s about two hours long, so it’ll take up the majority of the meeting.

Movie poster


Diana Damrau is pretty amazing.

February 10, 2010

Yeah, yeah, not really related to Japanese culture, but Der Hölle Rache is an impressive piece, when sung by someone very talented. Diana Damrau is pretty damn talented. She can sing and act at the same time. This is sometimes a problem in opera, where they usually get players that can sing, but can’t really continue to pull off their characters while singing… at least for what I’ve seen of Der Hölle Rache.

(Actually, it is marginally related, when you realize there was a spot in Nodame Cantabile that had a music student singing it.)

I’d meant to show this last week, but I clicked on a different link and instead had a video of her singing with laryngitis. Which is impressive in itself, since it still sounded good.


How she looks absolutely menacing while singing notes that make my eardrums twitch, I’m not sure. I imagine lots of training and talent.

What people think they know vs what really happened.

February 8, 2010

And a dose of snark.



February 5, 2010


Goddess, I want a bowl of ramen.