Last “official” meeting of the 2010 semester


This Friday will be the last “official” meeting of the JCA for this semester!

We will be having a meeting next week as well, for those who would like to drop by. What we will be showing will be a surprise~

In this post is also the itinerary for Saturday, aka the unoffical JCA trip to NYC!

And, what we will be watching…



Yesssss we will be watching Yu-Gi-Oh “season 0”! The one that never aired in America :I

And we will also be watching:

Image belongs to Lexi-san

The much anticipated BRS OVA that was shown in the summer. There might be some other OVAs if we have time. No connection between the showings, DEAL WITH IT.

As for Saturday:


10:00 AM – Arrive in NYC

~11:00 AM – ~1 PM : Kinokuniya Bookstore

~1:30 PM – ~2:30 PM : BookOff

~2:20 PM – 3:30 PM: Chinatown, specifically Elizabeth Street

~4:00 PM – Return to Times Square

~4.30 PM – Karaoke at Duet (link for those who want to see prices and whatnot)

~7:30 PM – 8 PM – Dinner (Optional)

SO. Technically, the trip will end after karaoke ends, and those who wish to go back to Rutgers are free to if they don’t want to join the rest of us for dinner, which will be around $20 per person.

As for cost:

~$20 for the ticket there and back
~$20 for optional food (lunch, Subway, drinks, etc.)
~$20 for karaoke (We’ll be there around 3 hours)

Dinner would be an extra 20 or so, I would imagine, if we want to eat well. These are just suggestions, and don’t include what you would like to purchase when you visit the bookstores and figure areas.

Those who would like to join us, we’ll be happy to take you along and show you these places :D

Any questions, COMMENT PLZ.


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9 Responses to “Last “official” meeting of the 2010 semester”

  1. Josh Says:

    Yaaaay! :D

  2. hideyoshl (Damee) Says:


  3. tengokujin Says:

    Round-trip train tickets: ~$25
    Karaoke at $5/person/hour for 3 hours: ~$15
    Yakiniku: $18~25
    Subway, one-way: ~$3 (x2)
    Anything else: your decision.

  4. Nikke O. Says:

    I’m gonna take the bus there since it’s a lot cheaper, but it’ll be fine if I just meet you guys at Penn station, right?

  5. vixums Says:

    Nikke: yes, that would be fine

    Yul: They’re just estimates up there :I

  6. 犬上小太郎 (Inugami Kotarou) Says:

    Darn, I cannot go. Big Chill is tomorrow and I’m busy afterwards :(

  7. clashonthebigbridge Says:

    This’d better be fun :I

    I keed, I keed. I can’t wait to go! :D

  8. Raptor Says:

    I hope you guys had fun.

    Me,I had two of my hardest exams of the semester within two days of one another.

    Feels superbad,man. ;_;

  9. Yiamor Says:

    Sorry for this bit of randomness, but i just came across the BlackRockShooter game trailer, what did other pplz think of it?

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