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Spring Break

March 11, 2011

Hi everyone, Deanna here.

We were going to have an unofficial meeting tonight and do karaoke in the JCA room (last meeting we tried it and everything worked out fine), but today I was informed that the dorms close at 7 for Spring Break, so we figured no one would really come XD We will have this unofficial meeting some other time and sing until we can’t talk anymore :D

But as for tonight, THERE WILL BE NO MEETING.

Enjoy your Spring Breaks to the fullest :)



March 4, 2011

In an hour, we’ll be showing Gundam 00: A Wakening of a Trailblazer. Now, I know some may be worried about watching this without prior knowledge of the previous seasons, but all I have to say is this: who cares? Honestly, this movie throws away build up from the first two seasons and introduces an extremely unlikely entity to be the antagonists. So…why show it? Simply put, it is a visual orgasm. While your head will tell you that the film has a terrible plot, your eyes will go “oohhh…pretty…” for the entire film. I am describing Seiji Mizushima as…JAPANESE MICHAEL BAY! You’ll see…