Hey, kids!

Yeah, there haven’t been much updates on this blog, have there?

That should change, we just elected some new officers, including a new webmaster.

In the meanwhile, let me talk about what we’re showing this week.

The uniform almost makes sense in context. Still, I mostly chalk it up to it being Gainax.

Some disclaimers: I really prefer having more than a day to write these things; it’s not going to be very polished.

Do you like hard sci-fi? Do you like it when the science of your fiction actually makes a modicum of sense? Do words like time dilation, Schwarzchild radii, parsec, zero-g/microgravity, Lagrange points, and twins paradox make sense to you? Does the concept of changing just a few things in real physical laws to get fantastic results fire up your geek-tude? (Next statement for Alex) Do you enjoy the idea of the Soviet Union as space rivals?

In Soviet Russia, space go in you.

Gunbuster was one of Gainax‘s earliest works. The only things they did before were the Daicon IV video, Otaku no Video, and Wings of Honneamise. It’s also director Hideaki Anno’s first work! This series set into place some of the earliest Gainax tropes: crossed arm posing, semi-realistic breast movement, crazy redhead characters, and wimpy (at first) protagonists.

Really, I can’t recommend this series enough. Due to its age, some of the information they have is now known to be wrong, but since they work off a logical and consistent framework, it all still makes sense.

For example, Pluto is no longer classified as a planet.
Here’s a series teaser:
Noriko has always wanted to go into space to follow her father’s footsteps. Will she make it through the hardships of the training academy and beyond?

Yeah… there’s so much ground covered that it’s impossible to give a teaser without starting to give things away. Just watch it and enjoy.

Now, some warnings:
– Yes, there is some nudity. The casual kind, not meant to be explicitly sexual.
– The last episode was meant to be in black and white. It’s not an example of Gainax Quality. Just keep watching and you’ll see the payoff.
– If we’re good, I’ll make sure the sequel that gives an even fuller picture of the universe (and better animated) is shown next week. :p
– Sleep would be wonderful.



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3 Responses to “”

  1. 犬上小太郎 (Inugami Kotarou) Says:

    ugh, that picture…that’s why it’s impossible to trust any anime news todday…except for the news that BakaTest is having a second season (last year).
    I think I’ll make an effort to go today after not going for several weeks.

    Btw, a little bit early, but is anyone planning to go AnimeNEXT or Anime Expo this year?
    (Man, a lot to say from a guy that barely speaks)

  2. clashonthebigbridge Says:

    Gunbuster! I approve!! :D And HECK YA I’m going to AnimeNEXT!!!

  3. Andrew Says:

    Yeah, I’m going to NEXT.

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