JUST WHO DO YOU THINK- Oh, wrong series. I mean, INAZUMA KICK!


Apparently, going without a lot of sleep for a week means that at the end of the week, if I even get a tiny chance for sleep, I will go to sleep and keep sleeping for a full night’s worth.

Shut up, alarm clock. You're not the boss of me. I don't have class until 6PM.

Also, I’d been swamped with anxieties and worries and all sorts of nasty stuff throughout the week, so I’d not been able to brainstorm a blog post, but with a full night’s sleep, shouldn’t be a problem.

That glowy forehead bit is related to piloting a Buster in this series. Just go with it.

Diebuster starts with a bright, cheerful, and optimistic girl named Nono. She really wants to become a pilot for a Gunbuster and become, what she terms, a “Nonoriri”, an ally of justice and protector of mankind.

That crossed arm stance, rising up slowly out of the ground, it can only mean... GURR- I mean, BUSTER MACHINE.

You might recognize “Gunbusters” as giant robots that were used in the defense of humanity in the titular series, Gunbuster, against giant space aliens intent on the destruction of humanity. In order to fight them off, humanity had created the Gunbusters, robots filled with various super-powered weapons. (These robots served to be inspirations for many other super-powered robots in other series, but that’s another story). That story ended with Noriko and Kazumi. This story is set in the same universe, but with a different cast.


Getting back to Diebuster, Nono then goes to the local spaceport and finds work, so that she might save up enough money to get into SPACE school. (Remember, SPACE makes everything better). Due to some circumstances, she ends up meeting a real Buster pilot, who are called “Topless” in this series (it’s a setup). Nono follows the pilot around with fan adoration and eventually ends up in SPACE, where more things happen (things that I can’t reveal for SPOILARZ). If you want to know more, show up for showing! :p

You might not like giant robots, but as a friend of mine said, “I thought I might like giant robot shows after watching Gunbuster and Diebuster, but no; I just like shows with good plot and writing.” And this show does have good story and characters. If you loved Gurren Lagann‘s “guts, blood, and brotherly love”, you might enjoy Top wo Nerae 2‘s “guts, blood, and sisterly love”. (Yes, it’s almost yuri-tastic!)

Unlike how the movie for this was an incomprehensible mess.

Also, you might recognize Nono’s seiyuu.

JUST WHO DO YOU THINK SHE IS. ("Buster Machine no. 10")

Also, you hecklers: shut up, or at least lower your voice. Not everyone wants to hear it. This series is not nearly bad enough to require or warrant the MST3k treatment. Lay off.


Random video!

Nostalgia for Final Fantasy VI… T-T


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One Response to “JUST WHO DO YOU THINK- Oh, wrong series. I mean, INAZUMA KICK!”

  1. Josh Whelan Says:

    Kekekeke…. This is definitely one of Gainax’s best…

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