Young Man, Become a Legend Like a Cruel Angel.


So, we are apparently some kind of liars.

It's so delicious and moist.

We’ve said we don’t show a show again for at least 3 or so years, but this week…

(Warning, the movies are approximately 1:38:00 and 1:48:00 respectively.)

The players enter the stage.

Ikari Shinji has not seen his father in 10 years. Knowing that he is not particularly wanted by the people in his life, Shinji trudges through the day-to-day, doing his best to not be noticed, because then, nobody expects anything out of him. One day, a note arrives from his father, telling him to “come”. Perhaps wanting some kind of affirmation from his father, he goes.

Shinji is basically an abused puppy that just wants to be loved, to be honest. (Pictures of actually abused puppies are not a pleasant sight)

Shinji enters a war zone and is recruited to fight a war that he never knew about or wanted to be a part of.

Most people know the backstory for Shin Seiki Evangelion at this point. It was a magnum opus of depression, created by a depressed man, that touched the hearts and minds of thousands and millions of teenagers worldwide, just at the beginning of the anime boom.

The Rebuild movies are Gainax’s reimagining and retelling of the Evangelion series, with more budget and better storycrafting. Knowing that the original series devolved into convoluted abstractions that had little continuity or comprehensibility, Anno Hideaki, the director, decided to remake the series for a new generation, while tweaking the story and flow to make more sense (and to cash in on nostalgia).

And it works.

The original series was great, but the new movies do not pull a Lucas, mainly because the people behind it are competent, well-read, and just plain good at their jobs (and they don’t attempt to insert a different cut for an established scene and sell them as “original cut” (HAN SHOT FIRST)). The plot is tighter, the effects are amazing, and everything that was great makes a good transition into the rebuild (See what I did there? Yeah. When I have enough time to write these things, the number of lame jokes go up).

Transferred and upgraded, if you ask me.

Anyway, the first movie covers Shinji’s introduction to the setting and his first truly manly moment (and his second).

The second movie starts up where the first one left off and introduces us to our old favourite batshit-insane character and a new batshit-insane character.

Hint, hint.

Our old insane favourite debuts with an action that people who’ve watched Gunbuster or Diebuster might recognize (Some people may be disappointed to hear that her new surname is a different battleship, the Shikinami, this time ’round). Our new insane girl debuts with… well, jokes. Then, something stabbity. I really don’t want to give it away :p

See, without subtitles, this is a non-spoiler. (Please pretend you can't read the screens)

Anyway, events up to Zeruel are covered in this one, and if you thought the anime made that bit epic… you ain’t seen nothing, yet.

Final result of taking a full five levels of the prestige class: Insane Badass.


On a slightly unrelated note, why did they rename “Normal Blood” into “Sin From Genesis”? Don’t get me wrong, I love it anyway, but why the name change?

What, you don’t know what those songs are?

“Normal Blood”


“Sin From Genesis”

See? What’s the difference, other than the latter being a slightly more languorous, slightly more kick-ass arrangement?


By the way, stay after the credits for the series-style next-episode preview! Done with the classic preview music and upbeat, solicitous voice of Katsuragi Misato! (Also, the post-credits scene is a kicker :3)


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9 Responses to “Young Man, Become a Legend Like a Cruel Angel.”

  1. Josh Whelan Says:

    No. You must follow the RUUUUU~RUS!

  2. clashonthebigbridge Says:

    I for one am UBER UBER excited. I’ll be late to the meeting but since I’ve seen the first movie already oh well. I’m kinda nervous about the new chick though…Asuka is where it’s at.

    I have to wonder about the dvd/blu ray packaging though for the second movie. They had such a nice picture to work with and it’s just a big orange blob…the first movie had such a great front.

  3. mahoge Says:

    Wait, so does that mean we’re watching both 1.0 and 2.0? Or just 2.0? ‘Cuz I could’ve sworn we… oooh nevermind.

    …”madokaaaaaa” >_>

  4. 犬上小太郎 (Inugami Kotarou) Says:

    Oh, this is tough! Do I stay the whole time (which I’ve never done yet) and risk being tired during Rutgers Day or do I leave early and miss something I really want to watch? Ah, responsibilities.

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