In all seriousness, however, JCA is about watching a wider variety of anime than your average experience would normally allow you to. We watch anime that covers a wide variety of genre. You might be familiar with “shounen” series, such as Bleach or Naruto or DragonBall or Pokémon, which often espouse “power-ups”, “friendship”, “teamwork”, “bad guys”, yada, yada. But you’re growing up. You know things aren’t that simple. So we show you stuff just as complex as you try to be.

Of course, watching only stuff that you have to analyze is a pain in the arse. So we also screen shows that are simpler fare, shows that go for cheap gags, obvious references, bad puns, the whole nine yards.

So, come on by, we’ve got a variety of shows, some with explosions, some with slapstick, some with blood and gore, some with drama, some with romance, some with panty-shots, all of them (hopefully) palatable.

The message goes out to those who want to come by to JCA to see what we have that is different. For those who already know a good number of the series we intend to show, we probably still have some series you haven’t got to see. Come on by.

Our meeting times are on Fridays, 7-9 PM, in Murray 113 (College Ave) due to some preventable errors, we’re in SERC 111 this semester~ (Busch Campus).

We are the Japanese Cultural Association on Facebook.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. H Says:

    Hay, not all of your new members are completely clueless. Give us, or at least me, some credit here :<

  2. jeff Says:

    You should post when and where your meetings are in the website, at least, considering that you don’t include them in the emails.

    Also, when I asked… the response was basically “you should check your old emails to find out”

    is it really so much trouble to say
    Murray Hall 114, College Ave Campus”???

    no, not really.

  3. vixums Says:


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