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2010 in review

January 2, 2011

Because 2010 is recently dead…

This is the most moe zombie I'm currently reading about.



Kudos, Gainax.

November 27, 2010

Honestly, more heart-rending than Sugata's collapse.

There’s a reason why you still watch Gainax.


Power Abuse

May 18, 2010

Ok, I’m gonna be in the New Brunswick area this weekend (May 21-23), at some point, for other business.

I figure, I’m in the area, why not invite other people to eat with me?

So I thought up of YAKINIKU, a.k.a., Korean Barbeque (it’s not really barbeque, but calling it Korean Grilling doesn’t really have the same ring to it; barbeque is all about the slow cooking of meats over a low fir-).

Anyway, if you’re interested in eating some delicious fire-cooked meat, contact me at:

t e n g o k u j i n (at) g m a i l (dot) c o m

(Hah! Try that, stupid data crawlers.)

-Your former president, abusing powers.

Out of Curiousity…

April 14, 2010

Ok, that’s weird. Why is the top search term for our site “yaoi”?

-Warning, image heaviness follows.-


Diana Damrau is pretty amazing.

February 10, 2010

Yeah, yeah, not really related to Japanese culture, but Der Hölle Rache is an impressive piece, when sung by someone very talented. Diana Damrau is pretty damn talented. She can sing and act at the same time. This is sometimes a problem in opera, where they usually get players that can sing, but can’t really continue to pull off their characters while singing… at least for what I’ve seen of Der Hölle Rache.

(Actually, it is marginally related, when you realize there was a spot in Nodame Cantabile that had a music student singing it.)

I’d meant to show this last week, but I clicked on a different link and instead had a video of her singing with laryngitis. Which is impressive in itself, since it still sounded good.


How she looks absolutely menacing while singing notes that make my eardrums twitch, I’m not sure. I imagine lots of training and talent.

What people think they know vs what really happened.

February 8, 2010

And a dose of snark.


Learning Your Alphabet the Megaman Way

January 6, 2010

You find strangely adorable things on the internet.

I would put the video itself here, but… Don’t feel like installing a Firefox add-on and reloading 20+ tabs.

Instead, you get an address, enjoy. :p



January 5, 2010


Because I Tend to Go Over Previously Covered Topics Again; We All Do, I Just Admit to It.

January 2, 2010

The two clips are from the same part of “Mimi wo Sumaseba (Whisper of the Heart)“, one of those Ghibli films that doesn’t feel cutoff, like those adapted from longer series of novels (I’m looking at you, “Howl no Ugoku Shiro” and “Gedo Senki“). The source material is short enough so that the movie covers it all without feeling disjointed from the myriad plotlines going in many directions (“Majo no Takkyubin“, you, too.).



For the second video, why couldn’t they just use the original lyrics of the song? Does the Denver estate have that tight control over that song?

Original song:

Never mind that I barely remember my year in Virginia, still makes me feel nostalgic.



January 2, 2010

It’s kinda sad to start the new year with such depressing news, but:

For Some in Japan, Home Is a Tiny Plastic Bunk

Yeah, those cheap capsule hostels? The housing of choice for an increasingly hard up population.

And the worst of it is, it’s only the predecessor to the cubicle living we always said we’ll have in the future.

In dystopic futures.