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Kimi Ni Todoke and MAHOU FINALE

April 21, 2011


Tomorrow night we will be watching our adorable Sawako in live action :D For those who are unfamiliar with Kimi Ni Todoke, it’s a shoujo centered around Sawako Kuronuma, a girl who has had trouble making friends due to her… scary looking nature. She’s awkward, shy and pretty much adorable all around, and in love with the most popular guy in school. The live action was released recently so i figured we should all enjoy it at the JCA.




Spring Break

March 11, 2011

Hi everyone, Deanna here.

We were going to have an unofficial meeting tonight and do karaoke in the JCA room (last meeting we tried it and everything worked out fine), but today I was informed that the dorms close at 7 for Spring Break, so we figured no one would really come XD We will have this unofficial meeting some other time and sing until we can’t talk anymore :D

But as for tonight, THERE WILL BE NO MEETING.

Enjoy your Spring Breaks to the fullest :)


March 4, 2011

In an hour, we’ll be showing Gundam 00: A Wakening of a Trailblazer. Now, I know some may be worried about watching this without prior knowledge of the previous seasons, but all I have to say is this: who cares? Honestly, this movie throws away build up from the first two seasons and introduces an extremely unlikely entity to be the antagonists. So…why show it? Simply put, it is a visual orgasm. While your head will tell you that the film has a terrible plot, your eyes will go “oohhh…pretty…” for the entire film. I am describing Seiji Mizushima as…JAPANESE MICHAEL BAY! You’ll see…


February 3, 2011

In honor of the club’s doujinshi, we’re watching a couple of shows based around that topic.

Comic Party

Comic Party is about a boy, Kazuki Sendo, who goes to a comic convention with his friend Taishi.  Taishi thinks that Kazuki should start drawing his own comics.  But Mizuki, Kazuki’s longtime friend, is fiercely against the idea, but Kazuki’s already made up his mind…

Doujin Work

Doujin Work centers around Najimi Osana, who also visits a convention, where she is amazed to see just how much one can earn by being a doujin artist.  She learns what the world of doujinshi is like, and meets some new friends along the way.

And because I can:

England and America

The Disappearance…

January 27, 2011

This meeting, we will only be watching one thing.

But it only deserves your complete attention.


Welcome in the new semester

January 20, 2011

Hope you all had a great break, but now it’s time to come back!

What will you be coming back to, JCA-ers?


Happy Holidays 2010

December 24, 2010

I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves with your loved ones this holiday season! I will see you all in January, when we return for the Spring semester. Have some of our mascot, nao, and her bff (who is nameless. Any suggestions?)!

~ <3 Deanna


November 17, 2010

Did you ever have a dream, that upon waking, left you in tears?

Maybe for a life not lived? Perhaps for a road not taken?


Unicorn Gundam!

November 11, 2010

Hello JCA-ers.

Tomorrow, our Vice President is gonna be in charge of the showings, and we’ll be watching Unicorn Gundam!

As far as the trips go, give me a little more time to work some details out, please. Some stuff has come up and it’s messed up dates. I’ll get back to you guys as far as that news when we finalize everything.

See you all tomorrow~!

Fliers and Buttered Toast

November 5, 2010

Want your art displayed on a future flier for the JCA? Read on~

And also for those who want to know what we’re doing tomorrow!